Women in Legal Practice, Challenges and Opportunities: Part 1

International Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political. Source: https://www.un.org/en/observances/womens-day/background#:~:text=The%20first%20National%20Woman’s%20Day,was%20much%20earlier%20%2D%20in%201848.

Since those early years, International Women’s Day has assumed a new global dimension for women in developed and developing countries alike. The growing international women’s movement, which has been strengthened by four global United Nations women’s conferences, has helped make the commemoration a rallying point to build support for women’s rights and participation in the political and economic arenas.

Our guests today are Josephine Kingi, Annalise Rwebangira and Deodatus Tesha, Josephine Kingi is a Human Resource Manager at The Export Import Bank of Korea (EDCF), Annalise Rwebangira is an Economist, Policy analyst and gender equality advocate whereas Mr. Deodatus Tesha is an advocate of the High Court and Subordinate Courts thereto save for Primary, specialising in Social Security schemes.

Today we are discussing challenges and opportunities available for women in the legal practice.

Hosted by: Emmanuel Gashi Bakilana & Privaty Rugambwa;

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